All in One Cloth Diaper: Diaper Rite 3.1

I started cloth diapering nearly four years ago. I’ve tried every style and many different brands. My stash started off with prefolds and covers and then expanded into pockets. When I tried my first all in one diaper I fell in love. They take less time to prepare then our pocket diapers, are absorbent and ready to use right out of the laundry. I’m very excited to share the the new all in one cloth diaper from my affiliate at Diaper Junction. The Diaper Rite 3.1 all in one cloth diaper is very absorbent, well designed and at an amazing price!





     Diaper Junction offers their own all in one cloth diaper, The Diaper Rite 3.1, at a great price for the quality. Made from multiple layers of absorbency both in the shell and the two snap-in soakers, this diaper is easy to use, easy to wash and dries well. The PUL is soft and has a nice stretch. The bamboo terry soaker fabric is soft and absorbent. Features include:

  • 10 Layers of Bamboo Terry Absorbency
    • 4 Layers in each soaker (can use one or both)
    • 2 Layers of absorbency in shell
    • 80% Bamboo Viscose/20% Polyester
  • Fits most babies 8-35 lbs
  • Front and Back TPU flaps to tuck in soakers
    • Helps prevent wicking
  • Thermoplastic Polyeurathane (TPU) waterproof outer
  • 2 Rows of 3 Rise Snaps to adjust height
  • 2 Rows of 10 Waist snaps to adjust waist
  • Crossover Snaps
  • Available in 8 colors
  • Very easy on the wallet



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Diaper Rite 3.1 all in one cloth diaper. Made with absorbent bamboo terry, this all in one cloth diaper fits babies 8-35 lbs and has 10 layers of bamboo terry.



     Observations. This diaper fits very well on my 26 lb, 9 month old baby. As you can see in the photo (that he barely sat still for) he has room to grow with both soakers in place. We have used this both during the day and at night. Even as a heavy wetting baby, who nurses throughout the night, this diaper held overnight. It was soaked in the morning, but we didn’t have any leaks and it didn’t wake him. After he woke up, I gave it a pre-rinse to prevent developing ammonia in cloth diapers and it has remained pristine. It also works well as a day diaper and is great for car rides.

    To compare this to another diaper, if you have tried a Funky Fluff lux diaper this fabric feels similar and the soakers are similarly trim…but is nearly $10 less per diaper! This is a very absorbent AIO, I would put it up in absorbency with our Bummis all in one cloth diapers, but with soakers that snap in and out for easy cleaning and fast drying. One of the main drawbacks I hear about all in one cloth diapers is that they take longer to dry then other styles. Not with this diaper! The snap out soakers are a huge plus and I would recommend this to anyone looking for high absorbency at a steal! Check out the selection at Diaper Junction and get them before they’re out of stock!



         Diaper Rite is Diaper Junction’s own product line. Items include cloth diapers and accessories at reasonable prices without reducing quality. In addition to the 3.1 all in one diaper seen here, the line includes great accessories like their newly reinforced hanging wetbag, great for storing dirty diapers before wash, Wet Bags for storing dirty diapers on the go or for reusable menstrual pads and an awesome one-size 3.1 Diaper Cover that can be used with prefolds, flour sack towels or over fitted diapers. All products are backed by a 60 day workmanship/6 month materials warranty.

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janie vezina

this diaper looks awesome

Rachel Fuller

This diaper looks like it works great and if it’s price is as you say, sign me up! Diapers add up! We are new to this so thanks for the review

Stormy A

I tried these and they’re amazing! I love that I have the flexibility to pick which soaker I use if I don’t need both.


thank you so much for the review! I’ve been wondering how these diapers are!

Louise G

I always use disposable diapers when we are travelling as ive had really crappy luck with conpression leaks. I’d give this a shot though… if it works for someone else maybe it will work for me?


This is such a great value! And I like that you get 2 different inserts sizes.

Abagail kuske

I can’t wait to try these diapers! Love the colors and surprised at how well made they are for the price!

Kelly Dougherty

These look great! I’ve never seen or used a cloth diaper with the inserts done that way, one in the front and one in the back!

Sarita martinez

really like the idea of an aio diaper but have never tried one. I like that with this one you can pick how many soakers you want to use and that they wouldn’t take long to dry after being washed. I only have a stash of 11 diapers right now to full time cloth my daughter and quick drying is a must so I have enough diapers for her each day.

Jessie Hughes

Love the bamboo! Absorbency is important for my heavy wetter

Julie Georgieva

This is called a nappy where everything is carefully thought of!

Dandi D

This looks like a convenient and great quality option!

Wendy G

This sounds like a terrific, cost-conscious option. Love AIO’s! Anything to make laundry easier!

Amanda joosten

I have not tried bg to be honest I love the price for this aio

aimee place

the 10 layers of bamboo is a great amount of absorbency. I do like that the inserts snap in and out…so one insert can be used for smaller babies to make the diaper less bulky


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Miss G

This is a great looking diaper, and I like that it’s mostly natural fibre. I haven’t tried an AIO yet mostly because I find covers/inserts more economical. This seems like a great compromise between convenience and economy!


This is a great review and seems like a great diaper. I’d love to try it.

Amber Ludwig

I am loving all the layers for absorbency!! We have a heavy wetter so lots of absorbency is always a plus!!

kayla sheehan

what a great price point! They look great too!


This would be great to try

Renea turner clark

These sound amazing… I need to try them

jodi Armstrong

Wow what a great price, love that it is,bamboo and cute,colors!

Angela Landskron

It sounds like a really great diaper. I like that the soakers snap in and out : ) That really cuts down on the drying time.

Julia S.

I really like the various insert & sizing options this AIO diaper offers & would definitely be interested to try it out myself. The colors options are also really nice which is a plus.

Julie M

We need better options for overnights & this diaper sounds like it would be perfect with all the layers & the price!


Wow, what a great value. I would love to try these

Ali caudle

I’m excited to try this diaper! I could use some simplicity now that table food has been added and poops are becoming work! Hopeing to win one to try and that these will be apart of Black Friday deals

Britney aumiller

Those look like a great AIO! I love the pictures included, baby isn’t due till January but I’ve started buying diapers already and need to know everything about the brands! I’ve heard bamboo is a great absorbent layer too.

Marya Mann

I love the pictures and how detailed your review is. It’s more helpful than you know!

Nicole Stevens
I just bought 2 of the Diaper Rite 3.1 Bamboo AIO diapers. I was a little worried when I first opened the package because they felt heavy to me. I thought it would be bulky and weight down my baby. NOT SO. I’m am completely happy with this diaper and just ordered 2 more today. I prepped my diapers by washing them 2 x with towels. I had this diaper on my extreme heavy wetter for 3 hours with no hint of a leak ( I also only used he small insert). I was also impress with how trim it… Read more »
Alley Marie Harding

I love the price point on these, definitely want to try them!

Sabrina D'Arcy

I love that the soakers can be removed, yet are secured thanks to the snaps. And I also love the crossover snaps.

Briana Denise Inman

They look so cute and unique

Kim Wynn

I have never tried an AIO and these look amazing. I am reading more and more good things about them.

Jessica J

I love that the soakers unsnap

Kristine Barrett

These sound great! I love that you compared them to Funky Fluff, a brand I love but have few of because of the price point. I’m always on the lookout for great affordable diapers and I think I’ll be trying a Diaper Right 3.1 AIO next!


I love the look of this diaper and it looks like it would be very comfortable. I love that there is a warranty I’ve never seen that on any diaper before…I could just be buying the wrong kind but that really is awesome. Thank you for your review it was very informative.

Nathan Lapointe

This is a very useful and informative article! As a soon-to-be parent I definitely learned a lot. Thank you!


This diaper looks really absorbent. I really want to try this and the Diaper Rite Covers. Both look like great products!

Rachel Smith

I love cloth diapering! I don’t have any of these diapers yet, but they look awesome!

Ashley Messics

Thank you for the review! I’ve only used Ai2s or Pocket diapers so far. I’d love to try an AIO


I love the bamboo! These sound like wonderful diapers. I love all of the colors that they come in too! So bright and vibrant!

Laura Case

I love the color options! Can’t wait to try these with our LO!


This looks like a great diaper! I love the thorough review!

Jessica M Perry

I love the ease of the diaper. So cute but so simple


This is great way to start off my stash..first time mommy and everything’s about cloth is new. I’ve read so many great reviews about this diaper and I can’t wait to add it to my collection

Ashley Chassereau Parks
Ashley Chassereau Parks

10 layers of bamboo!! Sounds very absorbent! I love the snaps and all the colors it comes in!


I love how affordable these are and the colors are great!