Babywearing Costumes

Babywearing costumes are easy, fun and inexpensive to make. You can use most dog costumes right over your baby carrier to make a fast and fun babywearing costume. Here are tips for finding a great dog costume to go over your soft structured carrier with little to no adjustment at all. In just a few minutes you can have a fantastic babywearing costume everyone loves.

babywearing costumes

     True story. I was wandering around Target with my family. My baby was in his Lillebaby carrier having a great time. A happy baby is one of the many benefits of babywearing that we enjoy. I walked into the Halloween section and found some great dog costumes. I picked up a Large costume and saw that it opened and closed easily. In fact, it was just about the size of my baby carrier! I opened up the velcro and was able to quickly attach it to my carrier and have a great and inexpensive babywearing costume for Halloween. This post has affiliate links.

Babywearing Costumes How-To:

  1. If you are shopping in person, hold the costume up to your carrier for fit. If you are shopping online use the size chart to compare to your costume. I found that large fits mine the best but some run small and the XL is better. However, if you have to choose bigger is not better here because it can slide down.
  2. Types of dog costumes
    1. Most dog costumes open and wrap around the dog’s belly. These open and wrap around your carrier the same way.
    2. Costumes that go over the dog’s arms and legs can work too but require way more work to get onto the carrier. These require unhooking the straps and sliding on.
    3. Slip on dog costumes are my second choice because the slide on and cover the mid-portion of the baby carrier.
  3. Look for hoods and other accessories that can safely be used on baby…or on you! I found an awesome Star Wars bot costume with a hat that fit nicely on my head…
  4. Think function first. No part of the costume should impair the way your carrier works, or wrap around baby. If you need to loosen the straps a tad to allow for the extra bulk on the carrier do so. Checking fit and making adjustments should be a regular part of your babywearing routine anyway.
  5. You’re ready to go! Take the costume trick-or-treating, shopping at the supermarket and just about everywhere you can until Halloween.

There are many benefits to using dog costumes with your SSC. They have been product tested for safety with animals, you’re not attaching any loose material or swallow hazards to your carrier and testing it out on-the-go and you can find virtually anything you can think up already made and ready to go!!

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babywearing costume

babywearing costume

     Thank you for stopping by. I would love to hear about your babywearing costumes and creations. Remember, if you are uncertain about carrier fit make sure to visit your local babywearing group or consultant. Have a Happy and Safe Holiday and I appreciate sharing babywearing love.

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This is a great idea. I wouldn’t have thought of using a dog costume. This is baby’s first Halloween I’m excited about dressing her up. Thanks for the ideas!

Kate Freiberg

Love these costume ideas!!!!! Thanks for sharing!

Lucy Mills

This is a smart idea, sharing with all my babywearing friends!

Bhargavi kalyan

Thanks for the ideas… will try them…

Sharon Possehl

This is such a great idea!!


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Shalina J

These are way cute!

Stephanie McNeal

Love the Pikachu costume I wish I could of found it