tml Super Undies Review V 2.0 Potty Training Pants

Super Undies V 2.0 Review

Potty training is different for every child. We have tried many methods including; allowing the toddlers to run nude, putting them on the potty every 30 m, leading by example, books, movies, encouragement, rewards including stickers and candies, stand alone potties, seats that go on the potty…you get the idea. While there are many different methods, there is only one Super pull up training pant to help little ones on their potty training mission. I’m thrilled to try Super Undies 2.0 with my son. These pull-up reusable potty training pants are adorable, offer customizable absorption, pull up and down like underwear and are made in the USA! Awesome right?! Check them out below:

super undies

     My first son missed out on cloth. If I only knew then what I know now…you know? I used pull-ups disposable pants and when my second son was born (before the first was potty trained) I felt it in the wallet. I started using cloth with my second son and it snowballed form there! (Check out our cloth reviews in our index). He has been potty training for what seems like forever. Unlike my first baby, who was potty trained completely by 2.5, this boy is 3.5 and still working on it. Despite starting early, we’re still not there -and that’s okay-. However, I worry about accidents when we’re out to the store, or when he goes to appointments. While in the past I used to put a cloth diaper on him for car trips, he’s now old enough to know that “diapers are for babies” and refuses to wear one.
When the Super Undies package came in the mail, it said “Top Secret” on the outside and I let him open it. He looked at the underwear and made a face. He said “this is like a diaper.” I thought…oh no!! He can read a bit and I showed him that they’re not diapers, they’re “Super Underwear” and he accepted that with some excitement. They pull up and down like underwear, but have some absorption for accidents. Super Undies features include:

  • Made in the USA
  • Pulls up and down easily
  • 2 Layers of Absorbency AIO style
  • Can add absorbency (to pocket like area)
  • Stretchy sides (white area)
  • Water resistant wet zone (aka the patterned PUL)
  • Hidden Pocket that opens on both sides (see photo below)

My son was diagnosed with fibrocartilagenous dyaplasia. He had a bone tumor removed from his left thigh bone about a year and a half ago. We go for regular appointments and therapy and he has more procedures ahead of him. Two weeks in a row, at Physical Therapy, he lifted to do his leg exercises and I saw the look on his face. You know the look…the one that says “I’m peeing!” I rushed him to the bathroom and for the first time he looked embarrassed. I felt terrible. My heart sunk and I searched for the right words to let him know it was okay. I told him that accidents happen, and that’s okay (Thanks Elmo). The next week we put on a diaper. It was heartbreaking, he said “diapers are for babies” and I could see the sadness on his face. So what are our options? Underwear he can completely wet through or an entire diaper. So far, we’re thrilled to have our Super Undies!
While Super Undies 2.0 don’t have enough absorbency for an entire bladder accident, they do protect from smaller leaks. Bigger accidents need some extra absorbency, and we found that out during a nap. While we did have some liquid escape, for the most part his pants were dry. I can see his confidence grow when he wears these and I love the fit! These are trim, he can go to the toilet alone and pull them up and down and they are soooooo cute. The prints are adorable and I LOVE to support Made in the USA Brands! About fit. While the sides of these undies are stretchy, the front and back don’t have the same stretch because of the water-proof/resistant PUL. This is a Medium and my 3.5 year old is 38 lbs and wears a 4-5T, but has slender legs. If you’re between sizes I would suggest going bigger. Putting on a pair of undies slightly larger is easier then putting on undies slightly smaller.

     Super Undies are easy to care for. While prepping isn’t needed (like natural fibers require to boost absorbency) I did put this through an initial wash. Washing after use is easy! If there have been zero accidents, I wash with normal wash. If they did get wet, I wash with regular diaper laundry and line dry. Indoors I use a drying rack but I’ve found that the PUL on my cloth diapers is in phenominal shape and I attribute it to my wash routine. I use regular detergent. Usually All Free and Clear which I have used for years on all of my laundry. I remove stains by sunning my cloth diapers and occasionally an additive like washing soda if needed.
     About the company. As I mentioned just a few times, Super Undies are Made in the USA . They offer potty training pants original, potty training pants 2.0 (seen here), Bed Wetting Pants, Special Needs and Larger/Adult Sizes. They also have package deals. There are solids, prints and the company is great to work with.
     Where can you find Super Undies? Make sure to visit their website and follow Super Undies on Facebook for updates and articles. Get Super Undies from my favorite cloth diaper affiliates:

* Nicki’s Diapers
* Diaper Junction
* Amazon!

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