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Reusable Menstrual Pads Pink Lemonade Shop

Pink Lemonade Shop Menstrual Pad Review

    It’s been a few months since I purchased my first Reusable Menstrual Pads from the Pink Lemonade shop! I cloth diaper my babies and wanted to be more ‘green’ myself. To be honest, the chemicals in disposable pads scare me. Disposable product companies are out to make a fast buck and are not thinking about the health of their consumers long-term. I fear cancer. Who doesn’t? Some cancers are caused by the environment and not genetic in nature leading me to wonder if the products we use every day are to blame. Chemicals are everywhere! One place I don’t want them is next to my bijingo. Right? Someone make that into a t-shirt “No Chemicals Near My Bijingo!” Here’s what I’ve started with and my affiliate links to the shop:

Pink Lemonade Shop reusable menstrual pads

My first Mama products are from Pink Lemonade Shop. When I started surfing their site (which stocks new pads every Monday night, but always has lots in stock), the first thing I noticed was how pretty the pads are! Sewn at home by a Mom (WAHM) these pads are handmade here in the USA! In addition, Shopping for reusable menstrual pads pads is fun! There are a few options and I am trying different styles. Options include:

  • Fabric Choices for Pad Tops:
    • Minky (Pink Flowered pad), Jersey (Blue Rain Clouds pad), Organic Bamboo Velour, Organic Bamboo Fleece, Organic Bamboo Jersey, Cotton Velour, Cotton Woven and Raw Silk.
  • Back of Pad Fabric:
    • WindPro Fleece (most commonly used), Wool Interlock.
  • Length and Style:
    • 6 Inch Mini Pantiliners
    • 7.5 Inch Regular Pantyliners
    • 7.5 Inch Thong Pantyliners
    • 8 Inch Light Pads
    • 9 Inch Day Pads
    • 10 Inch Heavy Pads
    • 11 Inch Overnight Pads
    • 12″ Ultimate Overnight Pads
    • 13 Inch Post Partum Pads
Pink Lemonade Shop Pads

     While there are many fabric choices and sizes, the most in-stock I’ve seen are Minky and Jersey. The biggest stocked size on the site seems to be 8″. I purchased this 10″ Jersey and 9″ Minky pad because of the patterns and comparison to disposable pads I use. Aren’t they pretty? I didn’t know much about cloth pads but thought these are beautiful! When I got them in the mail I noticed some clear differences:

     Minky is synthetic and almost fuzzy, like short stuffed animal hair. Jersey is flat cotton or polyester and reminds me of the fabric on the outside of a fitted diaper. The synthetic Minky is definitely wearing better, but the Jersey is definitely more trim and cooler in the summer I have found that reusable Pad Accessories are really helpful too, and a stainstick is great for any stain issues. While regular cotton poly can be harder to get stains out of, it’s definitely thinner on the cotton pads that we have. Or it feels thinner anyway.
     If you look closely at the pads, you can see that each pad has one snap for where it attaches around underwear and a seam that is both functional for constructing the pad, and also is like a gusset to help with leaks. To determine what size pads to order, I measured my existing pads. Below you can see the 9″ Minky compared to a Seventh Generation ‘Regular’ pad and panty liner.

    Of all the strange things my husband has found me doing for this blog…finding pads stuck to a metal cookie sheet in the oven may take the cake!

     While the 9″, or maybe even the 8″ seem to be close to the ‘Regular’ size disposable below, I like longer pads. Even the 10″ isn’t too long. The pads are so soft and comfortable and don’t bunch into a mountain range like a disposable can. They flex and move really well. Obviously the level of “flow” light, medium or heavy will determine thickness as well and overall these are extremely comfortable and the longer pads don’t get stuck in my butt crack.

pink lemonade shop reusable menstrual pads
pink lemonade shop reusable menstrual pads
pink lemonade shop reusable menstrual pads
pink lemonade shop reusable menstrual pads
pink lemnoade shp reusable menstrual pads

Washing reusable menstrual pads

So far the reusable menstrual pads wearing and washing well. I haven’t had to use any stain treatments and they’re coming clean in regular hot wash, with a pre-wash by hand in my sink. I find that rinsing them through the back and letting the water run out the front is the best way to rinse them. 
     Overall they’re not bulky. They did feel thicker then a disposable pad at first, but when I compared them they’re actually thinner then the throw-aways I’ve used. They are fuzzier and much softer then disposable pads. I even wear one during non-menstrual time because I just like the feeling!
     Wear and tear. I did notice some wave to the pads after a few washes, they definitely look more worn then when they were new, but the fabric is doing well and I can’t wait to get more! Overall the color in the minky pads is holding it’s strength, but the poly pads are fading a bit. Still pretty, but more faded. I have ordered more Minky and am trying a bamboo velour too.******

Room for improvement?

The winged pads can’t be slide forwards and backwards as much due to the wings that snap around the underwear, unless you wear it with the wings unattached to your underwear. The distance they can travel depends on the size of the underwear crotch and how quickly it widens or narrows. This is another reason I like the longer pads, more coverage in the rear no matter how stay-put the pad is. I’ve found that the bigger pads are my favorite! 10″ and up! The smaller ones seem to be just the right size, and like I mentioned… don’t get stuck in my butt crack like the shorter pads. I don’t like having to fish it out in public.


I LOVE these! I can’t wait to add more and I’m looking forward to the next stocking at you can check out the Pink Lemonade Shop Shop to see her awesome selection. I prefer the darker colors and reds and I’ve also moved into a reusable menstrual cup, Organic cotton menstrual pads and continue to try out brands and styles!

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