Funky Fluff Lux Bamboo Cloth Diapers

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     I’m really excited to share this Funky Fluff Lux Bamboo Cloth Diaper with you! This color, known as “Maverick,” was released February 2016 and is saturated with color. The diaper is well constructed, absorbent and has a great fit. I look forward to this coming out of the wash and love the fit on my nearly 17lb baby. Have a look at it here, even with both inserts it isn’t too bulky and has many options for customization. I think you’ll want to add some Funky Fluff to your stash too!

     The Funky Fluff Lux line released brand new colors February 2016. This color, known as “Maverick” is really stunning. The red snaps create a beautiful contrast and there is even a matching blue snap-back on the front where the diaper inserts snap to the inside. These diapers are all about top of the line materials and details. The lining and inserts are made from Bamboo Terry fabric that is soft, renewable and has a nice amount of stretch and moldability. The inserts combine to offer 11 layers of absorbency (5 layered small soaker and 6 layered large) and can be used AI2 or Pocket style. Features include:

  • Slim design in the middle of diaper shell for a trimmer fit
  • 2 x 4 rise settings and 2 x 10 waist snaps
  • Fits babies 7 – 35+ lbs
  • Cross over snaps give a great newborn fit and allow for managing poop cloth diapers on the go
  • Hip snaps help to prevent “wing droop”
  • Stretchy & soft around legs and waist
  • 2 Extra wide pocket openings in the front and back make it easier to get the soaker in and out
  • Waterproof strip at the top edge of the diaper provides additional protection against leaks
  • An outer layer of soft breathable, waterproof polyurethane laminated polyester (PUL) keeps wetness contained
  • PUL reinforced snaps create a double layer of PUL on the front of the diaper shell for extra protection from leaks
  • 2 Double stitched soakers; 1 small and 1 large
  • Diaper lining and soakers are made from bamboo terry material that consists of 80% bamboo viscose and 20% polyester.
  • Made Ethically in China with fair and humane labor practices

     Impressions. When I first took this diaper
out of the envelope I thought, this is so luxurious! Then I thought…must be why its called “Lux.” It’s a bit heavier then some of our microfiber pockets, but it’s certainly not bulky. I have both inserts in the diaper on my 16.9lb baby seen here. As you can see it fits really well with lots of room to grow. One of my favorite diaper features, the not too wide crotch area, allows for nice leg closure. I did notice that it is a bit more narrow then some of our other pockets when I tried to pass my hand through, but I can still comfortably stuff the diaper. My 8 week old baby here gets a near split to his legs from some of our other diapers and I love that Funky Fluff thought of this in their design. I think he loves it too!
     This diaper is very absorbent and it never feels super soaked. My son is a heavy wetter and so far his skin isn’t left wet when I remove the saturated diaper. He’s breastfed and the bamboo terry lining does an amazing job of slowing down his EBF poos and we have had zero leaks!! Both the outer PUL (the blue colored part) and the bamboo lining have a nice stretch to them and it makes the diaper fit well. It doesn’t leave marks around his legs or from the back elastic and it’s so soft…it’s luxurious! (I would love it if you pinned this pin below, this is a special size just for Pinterest!)
     About the company. Funky Fluff is a Canadian company. Products are designed, owned and operated by 2 experienced Moms; Kathy and Tricia. As knowledgeable cloth diapering Mamas, they set out to design a quality, eco friendly and reasonably priced diaper line. While they initially set out to produce Funky Fluff in Canada, costs lead them to research the best facilities in China. Workers are paid a fair wage, have air conditioning, are of working age and even have paid time off. Their line consists of diapers, wet bags, pail liners and soakers sold separately. Love what you see? Make sure to visit the Funky Fluff website and give them a “like” on Facebook. Where do you purchase Funky Fluff? Two of my affiliates and favorite retailers carry the brand and have both amazing prices and Free shipping options! These diapers are releasing 2/22/2016 so get your fast fingers ready!
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