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Babywearing a Newborn with Beco Baby Carrier Gemini

Disclosure; This is not a sponsored post. I did receive a product sample to facilitate my review however the opinions here are my own. This post contains affiliate links. 

     I gave birth to our 4th baby just 3 weeks ago and arrived home ready to multitask. Sore, but happy to have my 3rd VBAC and avoid the pain and down time I experienced with my c-section. As a Mom to 4 babies, ages 5 and under, I have many things that need to be done at once. My newborn needs to be held constantly, nursed on demand and I need to care for my older children too. As an experienced Mom I anticipated this, and had our Beco Gemini ready to go.
     Babywearing allows me to multitask while keeping everyone happy, including me. In fact, babywearing is so essential I believe carriers should be given to every Mom in the hospital or birth center! Seriously. OBs and Midwives should educate Moms on the benefits of babywearing as part of prenatal care. Why? In addition to having a baby who rarely cries, I’ve found babywearing to be healing for me too. Birth is an experience. It’s beautiful, life changing and amazing…but for me also traumatic. Trauma from the birth itself, body changes including hormonal, emotional, lifestyle and physical all lead me through a whirlwind…4 times. I’ve found that one of the best ways to heal is through babywearing. Having my missing bump replaced by my precious newborn just feels right and makes my heart happy. I wish this happiness on everyone. 

     Earlier this week I found myself saying “I can’t put him down, he cries and I have things I need to do,” like eating. My newly turned 2 year old had discovered a bottle of chocolate syrup and dumped it all over the floor, my 5 year old wanted to take a bath and my 3 year old was talking Minion (so I’m not completely sure what he wanted) and the laundry detergent vibrated off of the washer and dumped all over the floor. Then I thought “why am I trying to put him down?” I know better! Time to put baby in the carrier! I mopped the chocolate sauce, filled a bubble bath and bathed my 5 year old while nursing my newborn and even took a trip to Target to get replacement laundry detergent. I felt accomplished. Tired, but accomplished. 

      Why the Beco Gemini for my newborn? The Beco Gemini is one of several carriers by Beco Babywearing. Other carriers include the Soleil and the Toddler. They also have a ringsling that’s a collaboration with Tekhni, a well known woven wrap company I adore. Among babywearers, the Gemini is known for being an excellent newborn carrier. My squish was it in less then 48 hours old and fit perfectly! No insert needed. His head didn’t quite peer out over the top, but his pelvis and legs were a perfect fit! He was close enough to kiss and I could feel and see him breathing. It’s an amazing experience. The Gemini carrier comes in solid prints, but the print seen here is a limited edition Bus Ride and they also offer highly sought after carriers made from woven wrap fabric.

Gemini Features Include:

  • 4 Position Carrier
    • Front Carry, Hip Carry, Back Carry and Forward Facing
  • Fits Adults from 5′ to 6’5″ (I’m 5’4.5″ and yes that .5 counts)
  • Adjustable seat from narrow (seen with my NB) to wide for growing babies
  • Foldable and Padded Headrest (in down position here)
  • Padded Shoulder Straps can be worn in an ‘X’ or Backpack style (seen here)
  • For babies 7-35lbs
  • Padded leg support for baby
  • Machine Washable
  • Fits Waists 27″- 59″ (extension available)
  • Shoulder Straps 23″- 45″
  • CPSIA Compliant and ASTM
  • OKEO Textile and GOTS Organic Textile Certifications
  • Comes in a nice box
  • Fully Adjustable
  • Waist buckle with 3-point release

     The foldable head support is one important feature on the Beco Gemini. When folded up it significantly increases the height and head/neck support of the carrier. When folded down, seen below with my newborn, it allows for smaller babies to be carried comfortably and within line of sight. My son was born over 9lbs and 21.5″ long. He fits well (seen below) just a few days after he was welcomed into this world. Hubby was able to get some photos of me at a relative’s house to celebrate the Holidays! I wouldn’t have felt comfortable taking our squish over if it wasn’t for the Gemini. With all of the kids running around and movement, he was definitely safest and happiest right on my chest.
Below: Photo 1 shows carrier in largest settings. Head support up and Seat Extended and snapped to waist band. Photo 2 shows the carrier in the smallest settings. Head support down and Seat Narrowed by snapping to the front of carrier instead of the waist band. Please excuse the built-in camera flash photos of me below, but I was lucky to find someone to take my photo just a few days post partum…with some makeup on and not my pajamas! I could just about get the back strap buckled (my shoulder straps could be closer together) from soreness but I was thrilled to get out and about!

     The carrier is fully adjustable. There are multiple straps that can be tightened for fit. The strap below pulls the shoulder straps so they can adjust to different torso and baby sizes. The waist strap adjusts for the waist…and there are also adjustments on the shoulder straps for the head support. In the smaller settings, the strap excess is rolled up and secured with an elastic band.
      In addition to adjustable straps, the seat actually opens and closes. I have the seat in the ‘narrow’ setting for my newborn. The panels fold out and there are metal snaps to clip it to the carrier body. The snaps themselves are metal and require a good amount of force to close. Very secure. To widen the seat, the panels unsnap from the front and attach to the waist band itself on the inside. In either setting, the snaps don’t touch baby. Overall the adjustments are well thought out and secure. The carrier is well constructed and I love wearing it!

     Overall impression? If you want a SSC for a NB this is great! While it’s not as roomy as some of the other SSCs we’ve tried, it also doesn’t require an insert. The narrowing and widening of the seat is key to this carrier’s longevity and use. The weight range goes up to 35 lbs, but like any carrier this all depends on the size of your child. My toddler at 32 lbs didn’t fit well in here because he has a long thigh and didn’t get enough support under his knee. However, as you can see this is amazing for my 9+ lb 21.5″ newborn. It’s well padded, soft and washes well. Like a woven wrap, make sure to follow the instructions on the carrier and use a detergent without optical brighteners that can damage the fabric (most detergent has brighteners). I wash my carriers with Babyganics unscented. I washed ours before first use and then right after he first wore it…and we had a diaper leak! I’m happy to say that the carrier has washed well and looks just like it did brand new.

Where can you find these carriers? They are carried at several retailers including:

      What’s next on my list? I’d love to try a toddler. The Nimbus (seen below) is an amazing print, but I’m also a gigantic fan of the Bekhni carriers made with Tekhni woven wrap fabric! Should you love Beco too? Yes. I love to hear your experiences and read your comments. You can always comment here or on any of my social media pages.  

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