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Tips for Taking Baby to the Beach

     Summer is here! Many families are taking advantage of warm weather and longer days by planning vacations. Weather your trip is long or short, there’s a good chance sun and sand are in your future. When traveling with little one there are many things to consider; Special supplies are needed to prepare for everything from sunburn to sand in unpleasant locations. Here are some tips for taking little ones to the beach, especially baby!

Pack baby safe sunblock and a sun shade for your trip. 

     At home chances of sitting out in direct sunshine for hours are slim. We’re surrounded by grass, trees and often busy playing. At the beach there is no shade and sun rays are often reflected and intensified. Packing baby safe sunblock ahead of time, and a baby tent or sun umbrella will provide much needed protection from sunburn. Not all stores carry baby safe sunblock and planning ahead will make sure you have exactly what you need.

Apply sunblock before putting on swimsuits.

     Ever think you have done an amazing job applying sunblock, only to find that you missed patches? The best way to make sure little ones are covered is to apply sunblock while they’re in their swim diaper or birthday suit. This way, even if the swimsuit shifts, sensitive skin will be covered and protected.

Keep everyone hydrated and snacked.

     Don’t rely on beach shops and food stands for snacks and drinks. Once you’re down by the ocean, taking a long trek in the hot sun can be a chore. Take water for you and baby and a snack bag big enough to carry drinks and kid friendly snacks to and from the beach. Water will be at an ideal temperature, and not so cold that it may shock baby when he/she drinks it. If you’re nursing, staying hydrated yourself is very important. Baby will turn to you for hydration in the warm weather and drinking will help keep supply up.

Buy Swimsuits with sunblock and UV ray protection.

     When shopping for your trip, search for swimsuits that provide protection from the sun. Many boy suits have short and long sleeve shirts that come with matching shorts. If the little lady section offers skimpy selections, you can certainly turn to the boy section to find a skin protecting top to accompany a flowered or princess swimsuit. These tops will allow little ones to play, get wet and have fun while avoiding sunburned shoulders.

Pack Swim Diapers.

     If you’ve ever seen a disposable diaper get wet, or a cloth diaper get fully saturated…then you know they’re a terrible idea for the beach. Weather you use disposables or cloth diapers, there are many swim diaper options. A swim diaper doesn’t absorb liquid and is primarily there to catch poo. Floating poop is a sure way to spoil vacation, make sure to pack swim diapers ahead of time to keep floating turds out of your family photos.

Be prepared for emergency.

     Weather it’s a stepping on seashell, an allergic reaction to something foreign or red skin from rubbing sand you’ll want to be prepared. Packing a small first aid kit with band aids, first aid spray, hydrocortisone lotion for irritations and a liquid benadryl capsule will give you a jump on medical care if someone gets hurt. If anyone takes special medication or needs an epi-pen, make sure to have these along with you. Charge cell phones before hitting the beach. If you need your phone in an emergency, there would be nothing worse then a dead battery.

Carry a beach blanket or mat.

     A beach blanket or mat serves many purposes. It will keep baby from getting completely covered in sand…unless they can crawl over and find it. It will also serve as a family anchor. It’s easy to wander on the beach, having a bright blanket or mat will make finding your stuff easier for everyone. In addition to being a family station, a blanket or mat won’t blow away or roll up like individual towels can. If it’s large enough everyone can fit and spend time together.

Strollers don’t roll well on sand.

     While your stroller may roll well normally, unless it has all-terrain wheels, it will probably sink into soft sand and be really hard to use on the beach. Borrow or rent a sand-friendly stroller, or plan to carry everything…including baby. This may be the perfect time to use your baby carrier, carseat or Grandma’s help for getting everyone to the perfect beach spot.

     Wherever your vacation takes you, have a fantastic time! I hope these tips will help you prepare and have many happy memories. As always, thanks for stopping by! I really appreciate a follow on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and love to network on Google and LinkedIn. Companies care about these numbers when deciding which bloggers to select to review products etc. So thank you for following! Want to work together? E-mail

4 thoughts on “Tips for Taking Baby to the Beach

  • September 14, 2016 at 8:35 pm

    You know what Ive seen makes a great beach blanket?!?! A fitted sheet!! You flip it upsidedown and stick items in each corner!! It gives the blanket a lip and helps to keep the sand out!!! Great Idea!!

  • September 14, 2016 at 8:35 pm

    You know what Ive seen makes a great beach blanket?!?! A fitted sheet!! You flip it upsidedown and stick items in each corner!! It gives the blanket a lip and helps to keep the sand out!!! Great Idea!!


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