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Lillebaby Toddler Carrier Review; Carry On Air Toddler Carrier Review

Disclosure; This is not a sponsored post, I did receive a product sample to facilitate my review however the opinions expressed here are my own. Photos of me were done by hubby and edited by me, the others I took. He’s getting good right?

     Babywearing has been a very special and loving experience for me and my family. I started over 4.5 years ago with my first son. I couldn’t put him down, he always wanted to be held and was fussy if he wasn’t right on my chest. I didn’t know anyone personally who used a baby carrier, but after some research I purchased a Moby Wrap. I wish I had photos. I remember him dangling so low his feet  hit my knees (he was also a tall baby). I quickly moved onto a soft structured carrier and then onto woven wraps.
     My second son had reflux. I was so happy to have my carriers available. The first three months were very challenging, and wearing him upright not only helped with his reflux, but with our family’s overall happiness. Babywearing made him happy, which in turn made everyone happy. By the time I had my third son I had a “stash” of carriers and babywearing let me take my toddlers to the playground, while keeping my infant snuggled and happy.
     When my 2 year old was diagnosed with a bone tumor, babywearing became a real need. I wear my infant to our toddler’s appointments and tests so I can nurse him, and babywearing has helped my toddler receive sensory information that he didn’t get when he was in a wheelchair. There are many benefits to wearing a disabled child. He walks now, still really enjoys babywearing and can be seen here in his footie jammies. I have my two youngest babies photographed here. My baby, who is 14 months and 33 lbs and my now almost 3-year old who is 35 lbs in this lovely Lillebaby Toddler Carrier. Here come the photos.

Lillebaby Toddler Carrier Features:

  • Fits babies and children 20 lbs to 60 lbs
  • 4 Positions; Front Carry, Back Carry, Hip Carry (either side).
  • Machine Washable
  • Breathable Fabric
  • Padded Shoulder Straps (May be crossed in the front for back carry)
  • Adjustable Mesh Fabric Hood with Custom Snaps
  • Padded Waist Strap Panel (Removable)
  • Padded Chest or Back Strap Circle (Also Removable)
  • Multiple Adjustment Straps with Elastic Bands to Hold Excess Strap
  • WIDTH: 20″ main panel 17.7″ at leg
    HEIGHT: 17.5″ panel 5.5″ waistband
    LENGTH: 28″-55″ waistband

     In between the beautiful sunny Spring day in the photos above at our local farm preserve, we had the most movie like snowfall I’ve ever experienced. It fell gently overnight, then opened up with sunshine and 40 degrees in the morning. I knew it would soon melt so we ran outside for some photos! The snow was falling softly from the trees, the air was still and the sunshine was spectacular!

**Good size 14 m/o in photos above, Almost 3 year old Below **

     The Lillebaby Toddler Carrier is very supportive and both of my children feel weightless. The fabric has bounce and breathability to it. When I exaggerate my steps, I actually bounce my baby in the carrier and my almost 3 year old was laughing so loudly the neighbor heard him and had to call us over and see what we were doing! I really like the canvas and mesh combination. I like to wear a carrier on walks for exercise and I’m often pushing a stroller, this allows both of us to stay as cool as possible and even feel a bit of a breeze. I am 5’4.5″ (hey, that extra half an inch counts!) and 134 lbs in these photos. I have a short torso, and this fits lovely in the smallest settings but is tightened all the way. I did notice that the canvas waist band folded down some under my son’s bottoms at first. This was resolved by tightening it more. Aside from that minor adjustment, it has performed really well and I would recommend this carrier to friends, family and anyone else looking for a great toddler SSC.
     Fit: As you can see, my boys have room to grow. One reason I knew it was time to switch to a toddler carrier was the fear that my son would tip out in a back carry. They both love to lean back and our Ergo carrier, which has served us so well, barely comes up under my infant’s armpits or out towards his knees anymore. My husband who is 6’2″ fits even better in this carrier then I do. He even wore our 59 lb 4+ foot tall toddler around Mommycon comfortably in this! I have this tightened as small as it will go, and would be concerned about it fitting someone with a smaller frame well. In that case, I would recommend going with the regular Lillebaby line of carriers. You can see how well their new Essentials carrier fits my toddler in my Lillebaby Essentials Review.

     About the company. Lillebaby has a Scandinavian foundation in it’s design and inspiration and was founded by designer Lisbeth Lehan. Mom Lisbeth developed Lillebaby with a team of parents and designers, a rock climber, a chiropractor, pediatricians and anyone and everyone else you could imagine might have a say in how a babycarrier should be made. With knowledge from taking medical courses and design skills, she has the perfect combination of personal experience, education and know how to make wonderful carriers. Please make sure to follow Lillebaby on Facebook and stop by their website to see a full line of products.
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  • June 26, 2017 at 12:16 am

    I had no idea there was a toddler version! I have the Airflow and have started using it with my 3.5 month old, but I have a 2.5 year old who would be great to backpack. Thanks for the review!


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