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Why Every Pregnant Woman Should Own Adult Diapers

     It was almost 11:00 at night. I was 38 weeks pregnant and already semi-comfortably in bed. I thought I should get up to pee one more time before falling asleep. My ribs were killing me the whole pregnancy, and based on my two other sons being late…I thought I had time before this baby arrived. I had been out shopping earlier in the day and still needed to shave my legs when it got closer to my delivery date. A feat at 38 weeks pregnant I wanted to wait until the last possible moment.
     I stood up from the toilet and I heard a pop and felt a strange sensation. I looked down to see a few drops hit the floor. I yelled for my husband. “Wake up! I think my water broke” More started pouring out and I immediately got into the bath tub. I had hubby bring me the portable phone and I called my OB’s answering service. This was the first time my water broke and I was happy to be in labor, but leaking.
     The phone rang and it was the on call OB on the other line. “Are you SURE it’s your water?” she asked, “Ummmm, I’m standing in the bath tub and have no idea how I’m going to get in the car leaking like this.” My OB told me to “Stick some towels between your legs and drive over to the hospital.” I thought showing up at the hospital waddling with a stack of towels between my hairy legs would be a wonderful way to travel… (not sarcasm).

     Still standing in the bath tub I yelled for hubby to get my nearly packed suitcase and some extra supplies and called my parents to sit with my two toddlers. It was at that moment that it occurred to me…..I HAVE A DIAPER!! I had mysteriously received an adult diaper sample in the mail with two briefs. I, felling especially smart, put on my adult diaper, some pajama pants and headed to the hospital.
     When I arrived at the OB department, for my 2nd VBAC the nurse asked…”Are you sure your water broke”…”Yes! I’m wearing a diaper!” Feeling especially smart I apologized for my hair legs, but had made it there without ruining the car seat and with dry pants. And that’s why every pregnant woman should have a diaper!

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